Monday, August 29, 2011

Lady Gaga’s alter ego, Jo Calderone, performs at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

If you thought Lady Gaga couldn’t outdo herself after wearing a dress made out of meat to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, you are mistaken. At tonight’s 2011 awards, Gaga baffled crowds by appearing as alter ego Jo Calderone.

Calderone is hardly a lady—“he” describes himself as a guy from New Jersey whose family hails from Palermo, Italy. In stark contrast to Gaga’s racy, feminine frocks, Calderone has short, black, dare I say greasy hair, wears a white jersey tee under a dark, ill-fitting suit, speaks with a deep voice, and smokes incessantly.

In addition to opening the show by performing Gaga’s latest single, “You and I”, Calderone appeared topresent Britney Spears with an award that paid homage to her impressive career, all the while making rather unladylike comments.

“Britney taught me how to be fearless…she taught us all how to be fearless. She is a pop music legend, and the industry would not be the same without her,” Calderone began benignly, before adding, “I used to hang posters of her on my wall and touch myself while I was lying in bed.”

Deepika Padukone: 'People are welcome to speculate'

Mumbai, Aug. 20 -- She hits headlines quite often with respect to her 'rumoured' boyfriend Sidhartha Mallya. But actor Deepika Padukone doesn't feel the need to confirm or deny anything that's anywhere close to her personal life, friends and family. The Aarakshan actor, says, firmly, that "people don't need to know if it's (true) or not or what we do and where we go."

"There's a certain part of life I would like to keep to myself. And I don't think I am answerable to anyone, whether I say yes or no to a guy. People are most welcome to speculate. It's fun to read what people have to say or write about it. But you won't hear anything from me on the topic," says the model who debuted as an actor with Om Shanti Om girl (2007) with Shah Rukh Khan.

Currently, Deepika would rather talk about her upcoming venture, Cocktail, produced by Saif Ali Khan, who is also her co-actor in the movie. "It's great to work with Saif because he is one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood. And I am glad that people liked our pairing so much in Love Aaj Kal. Thanks to that, we've been paired a couple of times more," says the actor, who played Saif's love interest in Prakash Jha's Aarakshan.

After a long schedule in London, Deepika has wrapped up a reasonable chunk of Homi Adajania's second movie. "It's almost complete. We have shot around 85-90 per cent of the film with a small portion left to be shot now. It will take only about 10-15 days to complete," informs Deepika, who also has the Rajinikanth-starrer Rana in her kitty.

Talking of Saif, what's her reaction to rumours about problems between her and the former's girlfriend Kareena Kapoor? "I don't think there's anything to react to. I share a professional equation with Saif. That's about it. And I guess since Kareena is a part of his life, it's (such talks) bound to come up. But that's understandable," she smiles.

Interestingly though, Deepika says that Cocktail has left her tired: "It has been emotionally draining for me. It's one film that I am tired after working upon. It's an intense love story. But I am happy that it puts me and Saif back together in one more love story after Love Aaj Kal."

“Sin City” sequel hires “The Departed” screenwriter

First came the news that he planned to reunite with Scorsese for a remake of director Karel Reisz’s 1974 drama (potentially with Leonardo DiCaprio in the role occupied by James Caan). Now THR is reporting that Monahan has been hired by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller to punch up their current script for “Sin City 2.”

The original “Sin” came out in 2005 and grossed $100 million worldwide. It’s unclear which stories Monahan will help shape for the sequel (and which surviving characters will show up on screen). Rodriguez mentioned to the trade while at Comic-Con that financing for the sequel had been secured, and that he’d begin shooting as soon as a script could be finalized. He even said they could begin as early as the end of this year.

That’s where Monahan comes in. His voice certainly fits the “Sin City” mold, though I’m hoping he collaborates with Miller, who is the brain child behind the original graphic novels that served as a blueprint for Rodriguez’s movie.

Knowing how fast Rodriguez works, don’t be surprised in “Sin City 2” finds a 2012 release date, especially if Monahan somehow hits the mean streets running.

Saif Ali Khan: 'I'm looking at doing more commercial cinema now'

Mumbai, Aug. 28 -- Aarakshan is behind him now, but Saif Ali Khan admits that the film was a lot of hard work and an eye-opener of sorts. "It was discussed on so many talk shows and different forums even as we tried to convince everyone that it was a 'safe' film and unlikely to upset anyone, yet it was banned in three states (Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab). The ban was lifted in AP and Punjab after a couple of days and in UP after a week following the Supreme Court's decision, but it still hurt us badly not being able to open across the country on Friday. If something like this happened with my own production, Agent Vinod, I'd be anguished. I can imagine how Prakashji (producer-director Prakash Jha) feels," he sighs.

Is he going to do Jha's next film on India Shining? "Nothing has been finalised," he says. "At the moment, I'm looking to do slightly more commercial stuff. The films I like are more of the escapist fare and it's tempting to steer clear of controversies. But I'd want to do a socially-relevant film like Aarakshan once in a while if something exciting and entertaining comes up."

For now though, Saif has only an Agent Vinod, Cocktail and Race 2 on his plate. The thriller should wrap up by mid-September and Cocktail by the year-end. The Race sequel will roll by October and he's in talks with Kumar Taurani of Tips for another film. There's also a 'comic book' collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox that should be announced soon and another home production in which he plays a zombie hunter that will flag off around October. "That's a lot," he smiles. "And the bulk of it is commercial cinema."

He's supposed to be one of the actors in contention for the role of an eccentric in the quirky comedy, Ghanchakkar, and going by Rajkumar Gupta's previous two films, Aamir (2008) and No One Killed Jessica, it's unlikely to be a mainstream movie. "Yes, the script of Ghanchakkar came to me a month ago. I read it and thought about it for a while," he says. "But two days ago, I decided that though I wanted to work with Rajkumar Gupta, whose films I've liked, Ghanchakkar is not the kind of film I'm looking to do now. I didn't want to make the news public because I don't like to influence the decision of other actors. It's an interesting script and will suit someone else better. Meanwhile, I'm hoping Gupta and I will collaborate on another project in the near future."

Imran Khan: Funny side up!

When he’s not making girls across the country swoon with those puppy-dog eyes, chocolate-box looks and a lean, muscular body (that suddenly sprouted six-pack abs midway through his three-year-old Bollywood career – and made even more girls swoon!) Imran Khan is presumably filing PILs against loony laws that make it illegal for people below 25 to drink. And while we’re still reeling from his power-packed performance in Delhi Belly, he’s going to be back in less than a fortnight in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan along with the pretty Katrina Kaif.

Q: One word that describes you best?
A: Omniscient.

Q: Which superhero would you like to be and why?
A: Batman. He doesn’t have any super powers; he’s self-taught.

Q: If a traffic constable hauled you up, what would you do?
A: I’d say (in a thick Delhi accent) Jaanta nahi main kaun hoon?

Imran KhanQ: What makes you feel sexy?
A: A fresh shave.

Q: You get high on…
A: Watching movies. I try and watch one every day.

Q: The colour ‘pink’ for you is…
A: Umm… women’s underwear?

Q: A place where you would like to be lost for a month?
A: Any place with a beach. I’m quite the beach bum.

Q: A tune you can’t get out of your head?
A: Bhaag DK Bose, what else?

Q: What did you do with your first paycheque?
IA: bought my mom a TV.

Q: The one law you would break if you could get away with it?
A: Speed limits. I LOVE driving!

Q: Do you love Luv Storys?
A: Yeah, I do! But I prefer to act in them.

Q: Choose: Air India or Indian Railways?
A: Indian Railways. I took an Air India flight to Delhi a couple of months ago, and it was horrible!

Q: If you could have chosen your own name, what would you have chosen?
A: Thor! No, I’m just kidding, that’s a terrible name!

Q: What is the weirdest thing that ever went into your mouth?
A: A kind of play-slime that I was trying to convince my friend was chewing gum.

Q: You are late for work and all the roads are jammed. Choose a mode of transport: a cycle, a horse or a skateboard. Why?
A: A horse. That’s because I like to travel in style.

Q: Earth’s crowded and chock full of trash. Choose another planet.
A: Uranus. It allows for a lot of puns!

Q: If you could have had a star perform at your wedding, who would it have been and why?
A: Salman Khan, because he’s AWESOME!

Q: What screws up your day?
A: Having too much to do!

Q: If you were the last person left on earth, what would you do?
A: I would settle down with my DVD player and watch everything ever made!

Q: The last movie that made you cry?
A: The animated film, up. it was so touching!

Q: Your first kiss was...
A: As perfect as it could have been... damn good!

Q: What makes your day?
A: Not having anything to do.

Porn company already bidding on rumored Demi Lovato sex tape

Although it has been stated by her reps that no Demi Lovato sex tape exists, a porn company has already got their offer in for the rumored tape if it does pop up. has reportedly offered the Disney star $100,000 for the tape that would then be featured on their site, states TMZ. The company reportedly even commented that a male doesn’t have to be in the video; it can be solo or girl-girl action.

Considering her reps were disgusted by the implication that there was a sex tape, they probably aren’t too crazy about this offer.

Do you think a Demi Lovato tape exists?

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith Photo Gallery: Aug 23, 2011

Will and Jada married in 1997 which then led to the two having two children together, Jaden and Willow. The two have had to defend their relationship over the years, but the most recent split rumor has been the biggest.

Both stars have had strong careers as Will has been nominated for Golden Globes, Oscars and Grammy Awards over his career. Meanwhile, Jada is currently on the hit TNT show ‘Hawthorne.’ She is also an executive producer for the show.

AR Rahman: 'Some things in life are not planned'

Mumbai, Aug. 27 -- At the end of 2008, a lot of dark things happened in my life. I lost engineer and we had floods in Chennai. I was going through a lot of stress in my work. At that point of time, I got a call from Dave Stewart asking, 'AR, would you be interested in collaborating with Mick and me?' So I thought, 'Anything to get out of here at this point,' Some things in life aren't planned," says Indian music legend AR Rahman, who's teamed up with musicians Mick Jagger, Stewart, Joss Stone and Damien Marley to form the music group, SuperHeavy.

But even before Jagger announced the formation of the band in May this year, recordings were well underway in LA, having originally started in 2009. "The time we had in the studio was full of excitement, enjoyment, innovativeness so different from how it generally works for me. Usually, I just lock myself in a room, make my music and only when I think it's ready, do I show it to a second person. But here, it was a different situation altogether. In one zone, there would be beautiful smells, scented candles and a piano in an almost angelic atmosphere, and on the other side, you'd smell marijuana."

Just before India's Independence Day, SuperHeavy released its second single 'Satyameva Jayate...' Adds Rahman, "A long-standing dream of mine was to take one of the morals of Indian culture, which is Satyameva Jayate (truth alone triumphs) and make it into a song. I thought it would be historic if Mick, Joss, Damien, Dave and I could come together for a song like this, which is iconic in a way. When we started working on the song, I didn't have any lyrics other than 'Satyameva Jayate'. Later, we filled in the lyrics, and we added the choir to make it more epic."

SuperHeavy's first album hits store shelves on September 19, and Rahman has managed to add one more song to the album with an India reference: "Apart from 'Satyameva Jayate...' there is also a romantic number called 'Mahia...'" The Grammy winner is currently working on Alex Kurtzman's Welcome to People and a DreamWorks Studio animated movie, tentatively titled Monkeys of Mumbai. His upcoming Indian projects include Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar and Rajinikanth's Rana.

Sonu Nigam sings at Ramlila Maidan for Hazare

New Delhi, Aug 27 (IANS) Singer Sonu Nigam expressed his support for Anna Hazare and his fight against corruption by singing the hymn "Vaishnav jan to" at the Ramlila Maidan here Saturday. He says meeting the social activist was an exhilarating experience for him.

Dressed casually in a white shirt and a pair of blue jeans, Sonu touched Hazare's cheeks and also took the 74-year-old's blessings by touching his feet.

He posted on micro-blogging site Twitter after meeting Hazare: "It was like meeting a true child saint. Touched his cheeks just instinctively. He said 'Mujhey Oorja mila hai aapkey aaney aur gaaney se (Your presence and singing has given me energy)'.

"Told him so many have told me 2 touch u, thank u... and sent their strength to u. He smiled like an innocent child. He's a rare man, whom u wanna respect, love, follow, care for and pull his Cheeks too. How many of such kinds we have around? God bless him (sic)."

Though Sonu sang a few songs, he didn't express his views on the Lokpal bill.

"I didn't feel like taking undue advntge of d stage and speaking anythng! I hv limtd knwldg of ths subjct. It's agnst ettiquettes I felt," he added.

Before reaching Ramlila Maidan, he had tweeted: "I have heard of Mahatma Gandhi. I wanna see Anna. On my way to Ramleela Maidaan. Practicing music in the car."

"Jst lk I dn't apprciate a non Musician commenting abt Music, I'm nt authorizd 2 tlk abt Politics. I know music, and tht's wht I'l sprd 2day," he added.

The singer, known for numbers like "Kal ho na ho", "Panchhi nadiyaan" and "Shukran Allah", has since left for Mumbai.

Cameron Diaz’s “Bad Teacher” crosses $200M worldwide

Audiences have flocked to most raunchy comedies released into the marketplace over the summer, with three R-rated films crossing the $200 million mark worldwide. The latest, “Bad Teacher,” managed the feat just this past weekend, posting an additional $2.2M at international box offices to push its overall cume past the high-water mark. The Cameron Diaz comedy now joins Todd Phillips’ “The Hangover Part II” and Kristen Wiig’s vehicle “Bridesmaids” as the latest R-rated comedy to hit the spot (as noted by THR).

Yet the rating isn’t the be-all-and-end-all. For every “Bad Teacher,” there is a raunchy “Change-Up” which fails to connect with audiences ($34.8M worldwide since opening on Aug. 5).

Don’t feel too bad for Jason Bateman, though, His “Horrible Bosses,” also rated R, has earned $170.3M globally so far, meaning it could be the fourth film to pass $200M before the year is through.

As for “Bad Teacher,” I wonder if this means a sequel is possible. Diaz isn’t opposed to sequels, and the star power of she and Justin Timberlake together could power a second film. Though the film has only made $98M in the States, foreign audiences showed up in support would they do it again? We may find out.

Shah Rukh Khan to launch Ganesh Hegde's album

Mumbai, Aug 26 (IANS) Choreographer-singer Ganesh Hegde feels obliged as superstar Shah Rukh Khan, amidst his gruelling schedule, has readily agreed to launch his forthcoming album "Lets Party" Monday.

"He was eager to launch my album. I changed my date three times as I was not ready. He was also very busy with 'RA.One' and 'Don2' but he still obliged and said whatever date you finally fix I would make time for you," Hegde told IANS.

He regards SRK as his mentor, said Hegde.

"I have been doing lots of work with SRK since the last 15 years. He was very instrumental in helping me with my first album 'G'. He is like a mentor and elder brother to me," said Hegde, who choreographed film "Don" and Temptations Reloaded (2008) tour of SRK.

Hegde has choreographed for films like "Agni Sakshi" (1996), "Khamoshi: The Musical" (1996), "Fiza" (2000), the song "Mitwa" from "Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India" (2001) and "Koi... Mil Gaya" (2003).

Hegde's "Lets Party" is an endeavour to revive Indian pop music. Actor Hrithik Roshan and actresses Priyanka Chopra and Bipasha Basu feature in different hip-hop numbers of the album.

Britney Spears Photos: Hollywood Music Photo Gallery of the Day Aug 25, 2011

It was recently revealed that Britney Spears would be receiving a special honor at the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday. Not only will Madonna reportedly be presenting the tribute, but stars like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson are expected to perform.

Enjoy this pop princess’ gallery!

Britney Spears

Britney Spears came onto the music scene with her debut album ‘ …Baby One More Time’ in 1999. She instantly became a teen sensation as she turned out other hit songs like “Oops!… I Did It Again.”

In 2001, Spears released her third studio album and took a chance in film with the movie “Crossroads.” But, she stuck with music and turned out her fourth album by 2003.

However, she hit a rough patch in 2008 when her personal life became a little dramatic. She did manage to release her sixth album around that time and turned out the hit song “Womanizer.”

Spears has already sold over 100 million records worldwide and she is only 29 years old.

Spears has won a number of awards including a Grammy for “Toxic” as the Best Dance Recording. And now that her career is back in action, only time will tell if more Grammys are in her future.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catch Bella and Edward’s romance in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn


Millions of Twilight fans were waiting for this. Bella Swan finally marries her vampire hero Edward Cullen while Jacob nurses a broken heart. As the book ‘Breaking Dawn’ is divided in three parts, the makers of Twilight series are coming up with two movies, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and Part 2.

So what can the fans expect from the film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawnwhich again brings the teen sensation Kristen Stewart together with the handsome heartthrob Robert Pattinson? Since ‘Breaking Dawn’ is touted to be the craziest installment of Stephenie Meyer’s young adult novel series Twilight, the fans will see their favourite Bella Swan romancing Edward Cullen in an island near Brazil as the book also has a vivid description of their racy Brazilian honeymoon after their low-key marriage.

And what about the terrifying child-birth experience of Bella? Producer Wyck Godfrey talked about the truly horrifying birth sequence, and how director Bill Condon plans to pull it off and still get a PG-13 rating for the film: “With Twilight's core of under-18 fans, it would be a crime against our audience to go R-rated…Having the bloody, bone-crushing delivery be seen only through Bella’s eyes. She is looking through the haze, experiencing pain and everything rushing around her. We only see what she sees.”

The book Breaking Dawn received rave reviews because it’s the most matured of all the installments. It has love, sex, a terrifying climax, and the picture gets bigger with the threat of a vampire massacre towards the end of the story.



One look at these glossy coverpages can leave you moony. The pretty Bollywood babes posing as cover girls isn’t new, but the month of August proved to be a big one for the fashion magazines as each one tried to get the best lady to adorn their mag cover.

Autumn will arrive soon and so will the hot trends; our fashion trailblazers likeSonam Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin will let us know what is in. Both the ladies looked stunningly stylish in edgy costumes for the covers of The Man and FHM. Then we also had yesteryears’ onscreen divas Srideviand Madhuri Dixit gracing the covers with panache. But is there was one who took our breath away with her sassy look and poses, it’s got to be Deepika Padukone on Maxim; she was blazing hot.

In fact, there was hardly any actress who was missing from the covers. So, we thought of compiling a visual treat for our readers. Let your imagination go wild, we present to you the best August covers featuring your favourite Bollywood hotties.