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Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit (May 15, 1967) donned the mantle of Bollywood’s queen bee during 90s decade and her dominance in the industry is reflected in the fact that she won the ‘Best Actress’ awards in 1990 (Dil), 1992 (Beta), 1994 (Hum Aapke Hai Kaun) and 1997 (Dil To Pagal Hai).

Winning Four times in seven years is a phenomenal record for any actress and more so in India because in the 90s actresses were regarded only slightly above set embellishments and in such adverse circumstances for any ‘leading lady’ to stamp her authority was truly a remarkable feat.

Born to Shankar and Snehlata Dixit in Mumbai, Madhuri initially harboured hopes to be a micro-biologist and even attended Parle College in her native city to fulfil her dreams. But her worth in ‘finer arts’ was there since early days as she was an accomplished Kathak dancer and destiny somehow lead her to make her celluloid debut in ‘Abodh’ (1984) but became darling of the Indian audiences with N Chandra’s ‘Teazaab’ (1988). A song picturised on her, ‘Ek do teen’ almost gained a kind of cult reputation and she further cemented her place amongst the Indian cinegoers with good performances in ‘Ram Lakhan’, ‘Dil’, ‘Saajan’, ‘Beta’ and some other major hits.

Madhuri virtually ruled the decade of 90s, as mentioned above, and one of the most appreciated part of her on screen repertoire was her dancing skills.

Her dance sequence in the many songs, such as, Ek Do Teen (Tezaab), Bada Dukh Dina (Ram Lakhan), Dhak Dhak (Beta), Chane Ke Kheth Mein (Anjaam), Choli Ke Peechche (Khalnayak), Akhiyan Milau (Raja), Piya Ghar Aya (Yaarana), Key Sera (Pukar), Mardala (Devdas) etc., received critical acclaim.

But just when she was on the top of her game she broke a million hearts by getting married to an Indian-American, UCLA trained cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Sriram Madhav Nene, in 1999.

As the norm is in Bollywood, after marriage Madhuri somewhat faded away from the mainstream and her fans had almost forgotten her when she made a grand comeback with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Devdas’. Playing the role of a prostitute-with-a-heart-of-gold who is in love with a man hell bent on self destruction, Madhuri showcased her full range of histrionics and also won an award for the ‘Best Supporting Actress’. The film also attracted worldwide attention and was featured at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Madhuri has two sons, Arin (born in March 2003) and Ryan (born on March 8, 2005) and now lives with her husband Dr. Nene and her two children in Denver, Colorado, USA. She generally stays away from cinema but hasn’t ruled out another comeback.

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With a budget of about £40 million, the BBC were going to have to deliver something pretty special to avoid the usual accusations of waste tax payer’s money. With Planet Earth they have easily silenced the critics to present a nature programme that is interesting and education. The biggest selling point is the footage which is simply breath-taking and actually had me saying “wow” at some points. I am not naturally a nature programme viewer but this show had me hooked from episode 1 where a quick glance at the opening minutes had me staying with it for the following eleven weeks. No words can really do it justice but the series gives footage that you won’t have seen anywhere else before!
As the influence of man expands across the globe, fewer and fewer truly untouched wilderness exists. This series aims to use HD technology never used for nature programmes before to take us into these wildernesses and see the environment within them and the creatures that live there. Starting with a journey from one pole to the other, this series explores the extreme conditions of mountains (from the birth of one to the coldest of those existing), deserts, caves, oceans, fresh waters and others to present some of the most impressive footage ever seen in a nature documentary.

Episode Guide:
01 – From Pole to Pole
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04. Lil Freak (Feat. Nicki Minaj) 3:54
05. She Don't Know (Feat. Ludacris) 4:03
06. OMG (Feat. Will.I.Am) 4:29
07. Mars vs Venus 4:22
08. Pro Lover 5:03
09. Foolin' Around 4:11
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12. Guilty (Feat. T.I.) 3:44
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15. More 3:46


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Emraan Hashmi

The 'Serial Kisser' of Bollywood! He can perhaps be credited with bringing on-screen kissing, and steamy scenes, out of the exclusive realm of Hollywood. He can also be credited with giving many aspiring singers a lease of life in the industry with his face Himesh Reshammiya, Kunal Ganjawala and Atif Aslam have all had many of their hit songs performed on-screen by him.

He was born as Emran Anwar Hashmi on 23 March 1979 to a Muslim father and a Catholic mother. The graduate from Sydenham college made his Bollywood debut in Footpath in 2003 but was only noticed in Murder the following year for his numerous on-screen kisses with leading lady Mallika Sherawat. This nephew of Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt's cousin has since almost been a mascot for Mahesh Bhatt's Vishesh films. His marriage to Parveen Shahani on 14th Decemeber 2006 was accompanied by funny reports that he had given up on-screen kissing but future films were… well a living proof that it isn't true!

In an interview to Screen he had said that he will be remembered as the guy who kissed.

Here is one actor who has smooched his way to glory.

Man of TODAY

Mithun Chakraborty could never give up on his Bengali roots. He keeps flitting between Mumbai and Kolkata for work. He gets talking about his latest Bengali film Rehmat Ali and more

Is it true that Rehmat Ali is the Bengali remake of Partho Ghosh’s 1997 film Ghulam-e-Mustafa starring Nana Patekar in the main role?
Not really. This is a Bengali film set in contemporary Bengal against the virulent political backdrop as it exists in the present time. It is completely localised within the Bengali identity. Who can really say which film is a ‘remake’ of which other film? The best way to express this is to perhaps concede that the film has been ‘inspired’ by one or more than one film. There may be parts of Ghulam-e-Mustafa, there may be some motivating elements from other films made even before. How can one be 100 per cent certain that a film is a ‘remake’ of another film when the actors are different, the ambience is different, the language and political contexts are different just because the director happened to direct a similar film more than a decade ago?

You play the title role of Rehmat Ali. What is your role and how did the title come about?
The title was a bit of a problem and we could not really land on the right title for the film. Then, Partho and I decided to give it the name of the principal character, Rehmat Ali. I enjoyed playing Rehmat Ali. It is a complex character that moves from negative to positive shades, much like we do in real life. We define ourselves within ranges of gray. No one is completely black or completely white. It deals with the way Rehmat Ali’s values change over time when he comes to live within a Hindu Brahmin family as a potential threat to them under orders of his adoptive father and boss, the dreaded mafia leader Abbaji who brought him up as his own.

You have one of the widest ranges in your repertoire as an actor over 30 decades. How do you manage to switch on and off from a character?
It is not difficult for an actor who has been in the profession for more than three decades. It comes with long practice and with experience. Practice, for me, is the bottom line. If I cannot switch on and off from one role to another I have no right to call myself an actor. Besides, for a totally commercial film like Rehmat Ali, there is practically no homework to be done. I speak the same lines in similar situations but maybe, I use a different approach. To be frank, we have approximately five storylines that cover every kind of film within the mainstream. One just changes the permutations and combinations to give a certain slant to a given script to make it a little different from the others. I have a tagline in Bengali commercial films and they have done wonders to the box- office value of the films. I have one in this film too; (laughs) Naamer aage Rehmat, pawre Ali, Sare jannat bajaye taali. The audience loves these tag-lines.

How do you interpret your role?
I first look at the framework the director gives me and the script contains. Then I add my own inputs without diverting from the model the director has provided me with. Within that framework, I play around with dialogue, costume, tag-line, make-up and so on. For Rehmat Ali, I have also put in some of the dialogues myself and Partho has credited me for it (laughs).

In the recent past, two of the most outstanding performances in your entire career have been in Bengali films: Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s Kaalpurush and Samir Chanda’s Ek Nodir Galpo. Don’t you feel frustrated when films like these do not run or are not released and marketed properly or are never released?
Of course it is very frustrating. But this is a part of the industry which, as an actor, I can do nothing about. That is why today, I have made the prospective commercial viability of a film the principal criterion to accept an assignment. This is one reason I said ‘yes’ to Rehmat Ali. It has wonderful commercial prospects. I have worked with Partho Ghosh earlier in Dalaal. Partho, Bappi Lahiri and me have worked together in the past. Along with Rituparna who has worked with me in several films, I knew we could pull it off. A film like Rehmat Ali gives me tremendous satisfaction because it will reach out to the masses, to a huge audience. What more does an actor want? True that at times, with the best of strategic planning, things fail to work out. But the aim must be commercial success and mass acceptance.

Let’s hear about your next Bengali film.
It is Shukno Lanka slated for release sometime in April-May this year. It is not exactly a mainstream film but I play a character I have never played before. My name is Chinu Nandy, a marginal man, who once nourished great dreams of making it big. With time, he reconciles himself to remain a junior artiste in Bengali films. He has no illusions left, much less - dreams. But his life changes when an internationally renowned Bengali director approaches him and asks him to play the lead in a film. I should not give out the story now. Gautam Pandey has directed the film. The other film I have signed with Mahesh Manjrekar is for the Bengali version of his Marathi hit Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosale Boltoy. I play the role of Dinkarrao Marutirao Bhosale which Sachin Khedekar played in the original. But we are yet to work out the logistics.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?
I am a man of today. I have learnt and accept that my today is made up of actions and deeds and that is equal to my tomorrow. I believe in this dictum and live by it.

We would like to know about your experience as Grandmaster on Zee TV’s Dance India Dance which is one of the most popular shows on a satellite channel.
It has been a wonderful experience. I aspired to give a platform to young dancing talents in India through this show. I believe that Dance India Dance will convert a dancer into a dancing star. I have great respect for talent. I do understand the tremendous pressure the contestants are performing in and I do empathise with them. I demand very high quality performances from them because I also believe that the audience does not deserve anything less than that. I respect the audience. My judgement is emotional, on behalf of the audience. It is not cerebral or technical because I believe that the judges are there to take care of the cerebral and the technical. The audience is there to react emotionally.