Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bol Movie Review

Shoaib Mansoor is one of the brightest names to come out of Pakistan. A few years ago, his film KHUDA KAY LIYE, which tackled the theme of terrorism, won wide acclaim and praise. The supremely talented storyteller is back with another bold and hard-hitting effort called BOL, which unmasks the dual standards prevalent in the society. In fact, we make tall claims about the rights of women and how they are equal to men, but if one looks around, especially in the under-developed countries, the disparity and inequality is for all to see.

Shoaib is indeed a courageous storyteller and this film must have sparked off a debate when it released in Pakistan several weeks ago. Like KHUDA KAY LIYE, BOL addresses the religious extremism in the neighboring country. It's about a daughter who stands up against her father, but most importantly, she dares to defy the age-old societal norms that treat women as lesser beings. The fact that a Pakistani film-maker has had the courage to tackle this theme makes it all the more commendable and praiseworthy.

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