Saturday, September 3, 2011


MAX Media

About the Campaign

Endorsing Fair & Lovely Max Fairness for men in Pakistan is our very own Shahid Afridi. In its launch commercial we see Shahid Afridi emerging as a winner, on the field and off the field. The campaign focuses on the platform of confidence and conveys the message that to achieve success and emerge as a winner you need confidence which is provided by Fair & Lovely Max Fairness.

The TV commercial was shot in Karachi at the National Stadium. Even though the team was working under the scorching sun, it was still an incredible shoot. Shahid Afridi himself was very cooperative and enjoyed the entire experience. As he was on the pitch and was dressed in his cricket gear, he couldn't resist hitting a few shots and giving the fans present there a taste of what boom boom Afridi is all about.

The most memorable part of the shoot was when Afridi had to do his signature move of standing victoriously with both his arms up in the air. As soon as he did that, the fans screamed and cheered with joy and happiness. The nonstop cheering proved the love and admiration we all have for Afridi. The fans present in the stands gave a whole different energy to the atmosphere and made the entire shoot an unforgettable experience.

Shahid Afridi is truly our national hero and also a perfect fit for Fair & Lovely Max Fairness as it is positioned as a brand that gives you the confidence to get where you want to be.

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